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Ah'm Sorry, Sugarcubes.. by ShyShyOctavia Ah'm Sorry, Sugarcubes.. by ShyShyOctavia
"Is it because ah'm not cute enough? Not weird enough? Y'all know ah try.. Ah try t'be a good friend an' a good sister.. But it seems that most of y'all don't think ah'm as good as the rest of the ponies..."

Seriously, Applejack is a really underrated character. She's cute, honest, hard-working and a good friend and sister.
I loved how in 'Simple Ways' it showed how much of a strong, independent pony that Applejack is. Like Spike says, "she makes it look so  easy'.

I was outraged when I found out that the rumoured new Happy Meal ponies didn't include AJ; it's just ridiculous that a background pony with no important role whatsoever could have priority over a main character.

So yeah, that's what made me draw this.
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the shading and colouring is amazing and aj is my second favourite character she should have way more fans then she usually does she's cute honest strong fast and she's also a great character she may not have magic like twilight and rarity or wings like rd and fluttershy or as much laughter as pinkie but non of that means she's not a good character she's also a great sister applebloom is always happy because of aj cheering her up when she's sad she looks so sad in this picture witch makes me sad and the writing in the background saying background pony means nothing about aj she's not a background pony no matter what she does she's an awesome character and I love how you drew this by the way.
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ColonelBSacquet Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Don't worry, AJ. You're an awesome mare. *pets her mane.*
DallasBlack Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
I know I've said this before, but that was back in April and since there is a comment below that is relevent to my statement I will just post it again:

Lets remember who the real culprit of AJ neglect is, it's not the Bronies. Bronies seem to overwhelmingly love AJ (judging by all the pony art I've observed over the years). It's the target audience, the little girls Hasbro make their toy money out off of, that she's not popular with. I was into Brony art long before I ever saw the show and I fell in love with AJ with all the art, comics, and fanfics featuring her (too much for her not to be popular with the fandom). By no means is she considered a background pony by the fandom. Heck, despite a lot of shout outs to the Bronies in season 4, Hasbro doesn't care 2 bits what Bronies think, it's those little brats who don't know better, that they listen to the most.
PatrickRsGhost Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Don't worry, AJ.  You're mah favorite pony.  Ah think you're way better than them other ponies.  Ah also treat my friends like family, and ah love mah family dearly.  Ah'm also a hard worker, though not on a farm; more in an office.

Ever since the beginning of "Friendship is Magic", Applejack has been my favorite pony.  Like her, I'm a hard worker, though in an office and not on a farm.  Although, I think she's been in me all the time.  When I was younger, like in my late teens/early 20s, my parents and I moved onto my great-granddad's old farm.  He deeded it over to my parents when he went into the nursing home, and my mom wanted to raise horses.  My dad wanted to do goats for meat.  I'd dreamed that if I ever got it (which I would have, had they not sold it and were still living there), I would have done a fruit farm, mainly apples.  I'd completely forgotten about that little dream until I started watching the show and took a liking to Applejack over the others.

Another thing that makes AJ my favorite:  I think it was really solidified in "Applebuck Season".  She was very stubborn and insistent on harvesting the apples all on her own, with Big MacIntosh out of commission.  Even when her friends offered to help, she still refused to do it.  Part of it was she didn't want to seem like she was lazy.  Another part that I saw was she was afraid they'd screw it up; only she can do it the right way.  This is me at work.  I try to show someone how to do something, but they end up screwing it up, and when they screw up something simple, I'm afraid to show them something a bit more complex, so I end up taking care of it.  If that means overworking myself, then I'll suffer the consequences, all just for making sure it's done right the first time.
KiwiJr Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Poor Applejack... :(
CrucifyTheWolf Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Student General Artist
AJ deserves some love.
I am honestly so tired of people calling AJ a background pony, as well as the toys flatly IGNORING her.

Come on GUYS. 
MLPegasis4898 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I completely agree with you; AJ is very underrated :( :( :(
She might be my least favourite pony from the Mane 6, but I don't consider her as a "background pony" at all; that sounds ridiculous... :P :P :P
Ebony1234 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Student Artist
i hate when poeple say that aj is an background pony
Fenwolf2003 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
Are we meant to be surprised that the mature, sensible character with real life issues ISN'T going to be popular compared to a laundry list of kooky, 'funny' characters who are exaggerated cartoon characters?  Shocker.

She's the best "character" but that doesn't mean she'll be the most popular in a fandom that one nanosecond threw the world's biggest bitch fit about Princess Twilight and Equestria Girls and the next minute were totally cool with them for no real reason since nothing had changed, they were just done with their temper tantrum.

If I came into this show entirely blind, watched 5 episodes, I could have easily guessed which characters would be popular, and I'd be right.  The moei character is popular on the internet?  No shit.  The 'awesome' character who shouts memes is popular on the internet?  No shit.  The zany lolsorandom character is popular on the internet?  No shit.  The nerd is popular on the internet?  No shit.

AJ having real life worries about money, about letting her friends down, not being a good sister and her parents being dead?  No shit she isn't popular since bronies are simple creatures and don't want to think about the real world.

Rarity isn't popular?  Imagine.  A fandom consisting mainly of nerds on the internet who love to act the victim and whine and pretty much sum up the "angry virgin" stereotype... and they don't like the shallow hot girl who likes fashion and parties?  No shit.

Bronies are stupid and Hasbro is stupid, they're made for eachother, stop caring.
tsfdeymos Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
First at all, I am drinking Applejack Daniels at the moment and I am not a native speaker, so sorry for bad grammar in advance^^ Positive feedback will be acknowledged.

Second, this is one of the wisest comments I have EVER read online and I have to agree with (nearly) all of it. She has the "best" personality, since her arc is all about giving, up to giving herself up for others.
She did that for Spike in Season 3. When Rainbow was stuck under a rock, RD cried. The only thing that AJ cared for in the same situation (besides nearly killed by a timberwolf) was to get Spike to safety.

Your comparisons gave me a smile. That sarcasm...perfect. But at the same time it is also sad for a paragon like Applejack. And also for her fans, since they have to read and endure her treatment in this "fandom".

Most bronies can't think about the real world, because some are just too narrow-minded, some are just kids and some are introverted nerds living in their mother's house basement. It is no wonder that most of AJs fans are more matured. It seems that AJ fans do not care for the "awesomeness" or the "shyness" or other gimmicks of a character, but for a characters good morale and ethic. Things that are importand, or at least should be important, in RL.

The only thing I partly have to disagree is your point about Rarity. She is very popular. She nearly won the fan favorite voting in the hub network, but was closely beaten by Fluttershy. She has a lot more fans and also a lot more merchandise. And her episodes are mostly rated at highest levels. See "Rarity takes Manehatten". It has the one of the highest rating of all S4 episodes. All I have read about AJ was how annoying she was. And of course, how bland and boring. No one cared for her in "Bats!", and also no one cared for Applejewel, or for beating the chimera. And I do not want to talk about Lyra, who "stole" her spotlight in this episode, just like Derpy did in "The Last RoundUp".

It is a shame that such a brave character is treated in that way. But this treatment represents our society quiet well.

"Nothing is as hard as man's ingratitude."
GoroKai Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh sorry I meant. to have a :( emoticon.
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